The Economy [15]

Topics The ECB fights back Buffett on debt ceiling Housing and the economy Links Draghi: Whatever it takes CNN: Cost of debt ceiling fight: $1.3 billion Buffett: Disruptive debt limit debates waste time Buffett: Too many empty houses Bove: The

The Economy [14]

Topics Romney: Outsourcing labor Bove on LIE-BOR Doug Casey on living abroad; What does it mean to be “Austrian?”; Constable Roubini’s “perfect storm” Links Dick Bove on LIBOR Schiff Radio Dr. Roubini’s “perfect storm”

The Economy [13]

Topics Dr. Krugman visits Spain, receives “Austrian” welcome Reception in NJ was not much better The pain continues in Idaho Links Economist Pedro Schwartz vs. Paul Krugman CNBC: Guest Paul Krugman Krugman fires back CBS: Healthy conflict CNBC: Simpson on